Storage options introduced to replace MET

Storage options introduced to replace MET

Students have been struggling to find summer storage in light of the Metropolitan Storage Warehouse’s closure. Two new alternative options were announced on Monday last week.

All dorms except Baker, Maseeh, and Next have storage spaces that can be used in accordance with individual dorm policies “as long as residents can provide proof of insurance,” according to an email sent to undergraduates by Associate Director of Housing Assignments Jennifer Hapgood-White. MIT’s Office of Insurance has recommended College Student Insurance.

Alternatively, students can store their belongings with Piece by Piece Moving and Storage’s, an option that the email calls “similar in price” to storage the Met provided. The email said that “DormCon has worked closely” with Piece by Piece to provide a small $150 package, allowing up to three items; a large $300 package, allowing up to seven items; and individual add-ons.

While the Division of Student Life recommends this vendor, students are free to choose any.

Students on the ec-discuss mailing list said that this option provides much less storage space than the Met. One student said that it boils down to the DSL saying “we understand that you like to spend X dollars, so we will offer you something for X dollars that is completely different.” Other students said that the pricing is unreasonable.

Other students considered the price to be due to more services being provided by Piece by Piece, such as on-campus drop-off locations for belongings at the end of the school year and room delivery at the start of the next year. Several people felt that this would be logistically difficult.

Students were also concerned about lack of clarity, saying that there needed to be an explanation of what acceptable proof of insurance is.

“Both Piece by Piece and College Student Insurance will be on campus for several days so residents can sign up for their services or talk to a representative,” the email said.

—Sanjana Srivastava

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Anonymous almost 7 years ago

Why isn't storage being provided in all dorms? Why do students in "non-storage" dorms need to pay an exorbitant fee to store their items for the summer? Why is MIT adding this additional stress to its students at a time, during finals, when students are already stressed out? Very poorly thought out.