Kendall development project poses traffic concerns

Kendall development project poses traffic concerns

As MIT prepares to move forward with redevelopment plans for the east campus and Kendall Square area, Cambridge officials have expressed concerns that the project will draw increased traffic to an already-congested area.

A transportation study commissioned by MIT estimated that the renovated space would generate over 5,800 vehicle trips and 7,500 transit trips daily. A memo written by the Cambridge Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Department questioned whether the Red Line and bus system could accommodate the new transit trips. The memo also drew attention to MIT’s creation of over 1,000 additional parking spaces, an addition which runs counter to “the City’s transportation and sustainability goals” to reduce driving.

As Cambridge officials pressure MIT to fund improvements to mitigate the effects of increased traffic to the area, Michael Owu, chairman of MIT’s transportation and parking committee, has said that MIT will work closely with the city to ensure that the redevelopment would not pose a burden on transit.

—Katherine Nazemi