MITx grants to fund digital learning projects

MITx grants to fund digital learning projects

Eight projects have received MITx grants from the Office of Digital Learning to produce content and tools that will be hosted on MITx for the benefit of MIT students and others around the world. The purpose of the grant program is to encourage professors to use the technology in new ways, according to the MIT News Office.

One of the projects, led by Professor of Literature Diana Henderson, will provide annotation tools for online literature classes and is expected to allow instructors to incorporate various media into their course easily.

Professor of Physics Barton Zwiebach plans to use the grant to develop content for 8.05; he plans to look into ways of analyzing incorrect answers to find common mistakes and provide more valuable feedback than has traditionally been possible.

The grants are intended to encourage MIT faculty to work toward the goals suggested by the Institute-Wide Task Force on the Future of MIT Education, including modularity and reusability.

“I am excited by the response to this call [for grant applications],” Sanjay Sarma, MIT’s Dean of Digital Learning, told the News Office. “The MITx Grant Program creates a space where faculty can experiment and reinvent their classrooms.”

Fourteen projects were considered for grants this year; the ODL plans to accept proposals twice annually.

—William Navarre