The summery weather will continue through the weekend in Cambridge as a Low over Ontario brings warm southern air our way through Sunday. The chance that this will bring some spots of rain over the weekend is low, but non-zero. The weather we are getting this week is a little warmer than average for May, so don’t burn your spring clothes just yet.

As we feel the seasons changing, it seems like an appropriate time to look ahead to the 1-month extended forecast to see what’s in store. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, May should have an average high temperature of 65°F and 3” of rain in our region. This has a good chance of coming true for Boston, as the climatological averages are 66°F on the highs and 3.5” of rain. Other things that we should expect this month according to the almanac: showers, rain, hot, cool, and scattered thunder storms.