Students given additional time to move out after final exams

Students given additional time to move out after final exams

Undergraduates living in dormitories may request to remain in their dormitories for an additional day — until Sunday, May 24 — before they are required to move out for the summer, according to an email from Henry Humphreys, senior associate dean of Residential Life and Dining.

Haley M. Hurowitz ’16, president of Next House, said in an email to the next-forum mailing list that the previous move-out deadline of noon the Saturday after finals week “is very hard on those with [exams] later in the week” and that students may now fill out a form to remain in their rooms until 5 p.m. Sunday.

Humphreys said that while students must fill out a request online in order to take advantage of the extension, all requests submitted by May 15 will be approved. He also said that students moving out after the extended deadline will still be required to pay a $595 fine.

“We hope this will alleviate a bit of end-of-semester stress and make for a smoother transition to a relaxing summer,” Humphreys said.

Hurowitz said she originally started advocating for a move-out extension last summer after she was required to move out the day after a Friday final, which she called “overwhelming” in an email to The Tech. She continued to work on her initiative after joining DormCon as Next House President.

Humphreys coordinated the change with Residential Life and Dining and arranged for Metropolitan Moving & Storage to remain open on the Sunday move-out date from noon to 4 p.m., Hurowitz told The Tech in an email.

—William Navarre