24-hour Clover HFI opens in Central Square

24-hour Clover HFI opens in Central Square

There’s now another alternative to LaVerdes for late-night snacks. On April 22, the popular eatery Clover Food Lab celebrated the opening of its new 24-hour location in Central Square, Clover HFI.

After its founding in 2008, the health-conscious chain has rapidly expanded. With Clover HFI, said to be the first 24-hour restaurant in Cambridge, the company now has six permanent locations in addition to seven food trucks.

According to Clover’s founder, Ayr Muir ’00, the lack of late-night food options during his undergraduate experience at MIT inspired the opening of the 24-hour Clover HFI. “When I was at MIT, I never went to sleep before 4 a.m., like ever, and there were a lot of nights I was up all night and there was no place you could get food,” he told The Boston Globe.

After midnight, guests will be able to order from a special menu, including Clover’s breakfast sandwich. Of course, you can still buy coffee for those late night work sessions.

In addition to pulling in exhausted students and researchers, Clover HFI also hopes to attract a more typical late-night crowd.

Located at 498 Massachusetts Ave., the new restaurant sits directly across from the Middle East restaurant and nightclub, where touring bands often hold concerts. Clover HFI replaces the popular post-performance hangout location Hifi Pizza & Subs, which closed last year. For aspiring musicians and bands, Clover HFI pledges to provide complimentary meals, according to The Boston Globe.

After a day of free sandwiches on Wednesday, Clover HFI will host an open house Thursday. The 24-hour service will then start on Friday.

—Anthony Yu