The Tech interviews Class of 2019 admits

Benjamin Grey from Arcata, California

What’s your favorite thing about the campus so far?

I just like the quirkiness of everything! You see a lot of people doing random things and they just don’t care.

Like if you see all the liquid nitrogen people wearing safety neon colors; it was really, really funny!

What were they doing out there?

They were making ice cream — it was really good!

Jenny Dong from NYC

What’s caught your eye so far?

I really want to learn to play tennis in college, so I saw the tennis courts, and I was really excited that we would have the opportunity here.

What did you get to see?

We tried to go to dorms, but I was with a group of people who wanted to go to different events. It’s not such a bad thing because we got to talk and we got to see the campus. As we walked around, we could see the Charles River, so it was a good scenario.

Kevin Zhao, from South Carolina

Where are you temped?

Beta Theta Pi, across the river. It’s actually really nice! They’ve recently renovated the house.

What have you explored so far?

Haven’t had much chance to explore everything! I started off pretty rough, had to go to the medical center and get a syringe … ’cause I recently got my wisdom teeth removed!

Sooraj Boominathan from Oklahoma

How have you liked CPW so far?

It’s been really exciting, a lot of stuff going on at the same time!

There’s just a right balance where you can still do what you want and get a good experience without being, like, shoved in the face with too much.

I noticed you guys were sitting here resting. Where did you just come from?

We just got back from the prefrosh welcome and we decided we’d try and schedule out tomorrow! We’re planning on going to some entrepreneurship things tomorrow … for the free stuff and the actual events.

Kevin Wang from Oklahoma

Where are you staying?

I’m at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house. It’s pretty great! My host is pretty cool too.

What are some of your interests you plan to explore?

I’m planning to major in chemical engineering, so me and Sooraj signed up for the UROP tour, so we’re pretty excited about that.

Angela Lin from NYC

How many people are here from your school?

Like … 20-ish?

Where do you guys go to school?

Stuyvesant High School, haha!

What’s in your COOP bag?

I bought a sweater, an MIT sweater, and then I bought a water bottle. The Stuyvesant girls’ lacrosse team is called the Huskies, so I bought two Huskies. One’s for my boyfriend; I just wanted to do something cute for him!