Man arrested after bag of human remains found in Kendall Square

Man arrested after bag of human remains found in Kendall Square

A duffel bag containing parts of a dismembered body was found in front of the Biogen office in Kendall Square roughly half a mile away from the MIT campus on Saturday after the Cambridge Police Department received a call about a suspicious package.

The remains have been identified as belonging to Jonathan Camilien, 26, of Somerville. Carlos Colina, 32, of Cambridge has been taken into custody and charged with assault and battery. Colina, who pled not guilty, knew Camilien before the incident, according a report released by the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office on Monday.

Security footage led police to a nearby apartment complex, where additional body parts were found and identified as belonging to Camilien. Police heard a vacuum and noticed the smell of bleach coming from one of the apartments, and Colina eventually emerged with scratches and chemical-soaked clothes, according to press reports.

Colina was previously charged with assault and battery in a pending case and has a history of aggression. His bail was set at $1 million and he will return to court on April 14.

—Sanjana Srivastava

Freedom over 3 years ago

Consider the following news headline "Mexico drug wars: 49 headless, dismembered bodies found dumped along highway."

Hmm... that name... Carlos Colina... could it... no, no, no. I'm noticing too much. Gotta stay stupid.

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Freedom over 3 years ago

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