Warmer weather on the way

Slush filled the streets yesterday as temperatures around Boston broke 40 °F for the first time since early January. Bostonians have gained a sense of “weather relativity” this week. Some may call the warmer weather a return to normalcy; for others, it’s a heat wave. Most of the brutal weather this winter resulted from a series of persistent troughs over the eastern U.S. Luckily, that pattern has broken down, allowing warmer air to surge northward.

Before you put on shorts and head outside for a bridge loop, prepare for a few more days of sub-freezing highs. A weak cold front is set to bring another shot of cool weather. Temperatures today and tomorrow should top out in the upper 20s °F. Beginning Saturday, daily highs begin to climb as the trough retreats northward. By early next week high temperatures should hover around 40°F! While residents of New England enjoy warmer weather, the southeastern states will be dealing with another winter storm. Snow and ice are expected in areas from Texas to Maryland over the next few days.