GPAs released for FSILGs

GPAs released for FSILGs

The Division for Student Life has released a grade report for fraternities, sororities, and independent living groups (FSILGs). In the Fall 2014 semester, the average GPA among members of independent living groups was 4.45. The average GPA among sorority sisters was 4.43. The average GPA for fraternities was 4.38.

Student House’s average GPA fell from 1st place last spring at 4.70 to 15th place last fall at 4.45. In the same time, WILG fell from 4th place to 30th place, dropping 0.30 GPA points; Theta Xi rose from 25th place to 9th place, gaining 0.14 points.

The average GPA for all FSILGs was 4.42. MIT has 36 FSILGs.

— Alexandra Delmore