Winter weather continues

It sure has been a snowy week — yesterday ended Boston’s snowiest seven-day period since records began in 1891! By 1 p.m. yesterday, Boston had received 34.2 inches of snow since Jan. 27, beating the old record of 34.1 inches set in the week leading up to January 8, 1996. Most of this snow came from last Tuesday’s powerful blizzard, which dropped 24.6 inches of snow at Boston Logan Airport. Yesterday’s storm also contributed 9.9 inches toward the record as of 1 p.m., with snow still falling into the evening hours.

Today, the weather is quieter, albeit much colder, as an area of high pressure settles in over the eastern U.S. Afternoon temperatures will struggle to make it out of the teens, with a high temperature of 20 °F (-7 °C). Tomorrow should be warmer, with a high temperature of around 33 °F (1 °C). Our next chance for snow is tomorrow night through Thursday, although at this time, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the timing and amount of snow as different weather models struggle to agree on a solution for Thursday’s potential snowfall. Regardless, expect frigid temperatures to return by the end of the week, with a high temperature on Friday in the upper 10s °F (-7 °C).