A note to our readers

A note to our readers

The Tech is heading in an exciting new direction in 2015. We’ve published a paper twice a week for over 50 years, and for 20 years our website has just been the online face of the print edition. Starting this year, we’re doing something different.

Instead of structuring our reporting around our print schedule, we’re going web-first. We will publish articles as we write them on an all-new website that will debut this month. Our print edition will come out once a week on Thursdays and will include stories that first appeared online and have been updated with new information.

This new publishing model will allow us to release content in a more timely fashion, update stories as they develop, and be more relevant to campus discussion. We can’t wait to try out new multimedia and interactive features on our custom platform. And we hope this change will also let us develop more substantial stories of interest to the MIT community.

We will still have two print issues a few weeks during the year — including on Feb. 3 and Feb. 6 this week. But most weeks, starting Feb. 12, the printed newspaper will be available in its usual locations on Thursdays. Look for a link to a public beta version of our website at our usual homepage,, early next week.

If you think any of this sounds exciting, we’d love to have you join us — email for more information.

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David S over 8 years ago

Dislike. I'm a big fan of the set twice-weekly publishing schedule. I loved picking up the actual paper twice a week on campus.

I'm expecting this move to fail, but I guess Kudos to the Tech for trying something new.