MIT student wins Churchill Scholarship

MIT student wins Churchill Scholarship

Daniel Kang ’15 has won the Churchill Scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge, England.

The Churchill Scholarship is worth about $50,000, and each year enables 14 or more U.S. students to go to U.K. where they pursue a STEM subject at Churchill College, Cambridge. Kang is the twelfth MIT student to win the award.

Kang will be studying Part III of the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos. He says that he’s looking forward to taking part in “one of the oldest and most famous programs in the world.”

He is currently double-majoring in computer science and mathematics at MIT, and will be studying mathematical statistics in Cambridge.

Kang’s plan is to apply what he has learned to the fields of computational biology and machine learning. He says that while he enjoyed the theoretical work he has done at MIT, he is now looking for ways to “turn theory into practice” and to find “more concrete” applications for his skills. Such applications include the work on human genome accessibility that he’s already been undertaking at MIT.

—Jeremy Bernstein