Snowstorm threatens Northeast

Snowstorm threatens Northeast

Amongst impending snowfalls and ominous storm warnings, MIT cancelled classes for Tuesday, Jan. 27 and left Wednesday’s opening time pending at 7 a.m. due to the passage of a potentially “historic” storm.

With the overnight arrival of the snowstorm named Juno, two feet of snow are slated to be cast over the Boston area, with chances of a higher amount near eastern Massachusetts. Strong winds and low visibility may threaten public safety, with expectations of power outages, tree damage, and icy roads.

With this information in mind, Governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency in the state of Massachusetts, along with a travel and parking ban effective at midnight. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh recognized a snow emergency and announced that Boston Public Schools would be closed both Tuesday and Wednesday. “This is a top-five historic storm. We should treat it as such,” Mayor Walsh said in an afternoon statement.

Although New York City is expecting less snow, Mayor Bill de Blasio warned, “We are facing most likely one of the largest snowstorms in the history of this city. Prepare for something worse than we have seen before.”

Throughout the evening, many MIT residence halls sent emails reminding students to take the necessary precautions and preparations before the storm. Information about the official reopening of the Institute will be transmitted through MIT Alert.

—William Rodriguez

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Anonymous about 8 years ago

Took a nice promenade in the blowing snow this morning.

There were 9 inches of puffy snow on the ground, a bit on the low end of the forecasts. Looks like surrounding areas got quite a bit more. Seems a foot more is on the way.

Was surprised to not see many people walking about, aside from snow machine operators. The weather is wonderful, and despite the layer of snow on my face, it was a joy to feel the wind on my legs and the snow crunching beneath my boots.

Now, if the federal government can just lower the tax rate, I'll be happy.