Campus Life

Institute Double Take

I saw a post on asking when “MITHenge” would be this year. I clicked the link in the post and discovered that the alignment of the setting sun with the Infinite Corridor has been measured and modeled for decades. Turns out, the predicted dates for this winter’s perfect alignment — when the setting sun would be visible from the very end of the Infinite, in Building 8 — were November 10-12. So, of course, I set a reminder in my calendar and grabbed a camera when the first predicted time arrived.

The sunlight splashed through the windows, as expected, and threw some gorgeous oranges and yellows across the marble of Lobby 7. I squinted into the light, raised my camera to my face, and felt mildly guilty for being THAT person who stops in the middle of the Infinite.


Exposure Time:
1/80 sec.

ISO 1600

Effective Focal Length:
62 mm