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Unseasonable warmth to end over weekend

The warm weather of the past few days is likely to end overnight on Saturday as cold air is brought down behind a Low passing across the Eastern Canadian provinces. Today and Saturday are likely to have warm highs in the lower 70s (°F) before Sunday’s colder high in the lower to mid 50s (°F). There is a chance that Cambridge will see showers on Saturday afternoon, but nothing like the rainfall from yesterday.

Hurricane Gonzalo is forecast to hit Bermuda with hurricane-force winds this afternoon, bringing up to 6 inches of rain. Gonzalo is forecast to be a Category 4 storm when it arrives at Bermuda, and has the potential to cause severe damage, although preparations have been under way on the island for a few days. After passing Bermuda, Gonzalo will stay well clear of us in Cambridge, but could bring tropical storm winds and torrential rainfall to Newfoundland, Canada.