Majority of freshman males pledge to a fraternity

Majority of freshman males pledge to a fraternity

Of the 340 students who received the 405 bids handed out during fraternity rush this year, 293 have pledged, according to the Interfraternity Council.

Fifty-two percent of freshman males are now affiliated, as well as two percent of females due to the recent integration of the mixed-gender fraternity, No. 6 (Delta Psi), into the IFC last semester.

“To my knowledge, that percentage is one of the highest in recent memory — higher than last year’s, which itself was a record,” IFC president Haldun Anil ’15 wrote in an email to The Tech. “As you can imagine, we’re pretty thrilled about the results.”

According to Anil, the total number of pledges increased from 330 to 340, even though the number of bids dropped from 451 to 405.

Delta Upsilon and Lambda Chi Alpha, which are under suspension, did not participate in rush this year.

“Our raw numbers ended up decreasing by about the same number as the sum of the bids given out last year by DU and LCA,” said Anil in an email to The Tech. “Conversely, however, the class size decreased by a larger amount, offsetting that difference.”

—Patricia Z. Dominguez

David Lawrence about 7 years ago

TEP at MIT is a coed house (although the national organization remains male only). Five freshman females have opted to join, bringing that total to 3.

Anonymous about 7 years ago

Allowing women to live in your house isn't the same as being coed. Remaining part of the national organization just leaves women as second class citizens.

Places like ET and pika are truly co-ed.