MIT campus upgrades wireless network

MIT campus upgrades wireless network

Just in time for the beginning of the new school year, MIT upgraded its wireless network to include a new Distributed Antenna System (DAS) as part of a push to strengthen wireless coverage on campus, according to a press release by AT&T.

DAS provides an improved wireless connection in heavily trafficked areas through the use of multiple antennas. AT&T reports the new system has been installed in 75 MIT buildings so far, including the David H. Koch Center for Integrative Cancer Research and the Tang Center. More installations are underway.

In a press release, Patricia Jacobs, President of AT&T New England, emphasized the value of a “fast, reliable network” for MIT students and faculty in their work.

MIT’s network upgrade is part of AT&T’s larger effort to bring high-speed Internet access to its customers through Project Velocity IP, a program that launched in 2012.

—Drew Bent