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Cool, fall weather in store

It definitely feels like fall in Cambridge! Yesterday, temperatures reached a warm 80°F (27°C) thanks to breezy southwest winds ahead of an approaching cold front. This cold front passed through the area late last night, leaving us with cooler conditions and cloudless skies in its wake. Expect a high temperature of 68°F (20°C) today with winds from the north. More clouds should start filtering in tomorrow, but temperatures will remain cool with a high near 66°F (19°C). Tomorrow evening, a low-pressure system will form off of the coast to our south and travel northeastward along the coast of New England. We may see some rain showers associated with this system tomorrow evening into early Sunday. Otherwise, Sunday and Monday look dry with mostly sunny skies and high temperatures in the upper sixties (Sunday) to low seventies (Monday).

Although some of us might already be missing warm summer temperatures, our cooler weather this week in Cambridge is nothing compared to the early-season winter weather experienced yesterday in parts of Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana! Over a foot of snow fell in the eastern slopes of the Bighorn Mountains in northern Wyoming yesterday. Additionally, Rapid City, SD received about an inch of snow, breaking the record for the earliest measurable snowfall for that location since recordkeeping began in 1888!