Men’s crew team comes in second

MIT hosts Biglin Bowl Saturday against Harvard and Dartmouth

MIT’s men’s lightweight crew team traveled to California for the San Diego Crew Classic, which will take place from Friday, April 5 through Saturday, April 6. Tech entered just one boat in the event, a Varsity 8, that fared well on the first day of competition.

In the Men’s Collegiate Cal Cup on Saturday, the Engineers finished in second place with its time of 6:21.48, completing the course just a second behind the University of San Diego with its 6:20.44. Orange Coast College took third in 6:24.50, Notre Dame University was fourth with a 6:24.60 and Santa Clara University finished in fifth in 6:31.89. Rounding out the heat were Loyola in sixth place with a 6:45.33 and USC in seventh with a time of 6:47.95.

On Sunday, the Engineers competed in the Grand Final, finishing in fourth place overall with a time of 6:24.77. Completing the course less than 10 second ahead of MIT was Grand Valley State University that took first in 6:14.31. The University of California Irvine finished just over a second behind Tech in fifth place with a 6:25.88.

Tech will host the Biglin Bowl on Saturday, April 12, facing crews from Harvard University and Dartmouth University.

Varsity 8 +

C Yoonjeong Kim ‘15

8 Thomas A. Altmann ‘15

7 Luke W. Koblan ‘15

6 David C. Danko ‘15

5 Mycal D. Tucker ‘14

4 Christopher P. Schlaepfer ‘15

3 Elezhan Zhakiya ‘16

2 Christopher M. Knapp ‘16

1 Johnathan Kongoletos ‘14