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Weekend provides a break from winter

It is the first week of March, and that typically means spring is just around the proverbial corner. The signs are everywhere: Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday, duck boats have been spotted driving around town, the vernal equinox and Spring Break are just two weeks away. However, although the amount of sunlight has been increasing, the weather has remained staunchly entrenched in the season of winter. Although the normal high temperatures for this time of year are around 43°F (6°C), Boston hasn’t experienced a day above 40°F since February 24. This morning’s low temperature, expected to be in the single digits, will provide little relief.

On the other hand, this weekend’s weather will provide a bit of a return to normal and a peek at what’s to come. A high pressure system over New England will yield sunshine and calm winds today, allowing temperatures to break the freezing-point barrier for the first time in five days. The warm-up will continue tomorrow, with temperatures soaring into the mid-40s (°F) before a cold front comes through in the late afternoon. Sunshine will continue into the beginning of next week, albeit with temperatures a bit lower than those of the weekend.