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Continued cold temperatures ahead

Due to a strong high-pressure system settling in over the Northeast, the cold temperatures we experienced this past week will persist for at least a few more days. This high-pressure system brings a mass of cold Arctic air, and as a result, the high today will be only in the low 20°Fs. With winds of 15 mph during the day, the wind chill today may be as low as -5°F! Like today, Saturday will be sunny, but it will be slightly warmer.

The next major weather pattern to impact our area will be a winter storm from Sunday night through Monday. This storm is developing from a powerful low-pressure system off the Western US coast. Today, this low-pressure system moves off the Pacific and brings some much-needed rain and snow to California and the Sierra Nevadas. By Sunday night, it will pass over New England. It has the potential to bring more snow to our area on Monday.