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Boston digs out from storm

Winter storm leaves Boston with several inches of snow.

Yesterday’s winter storm brought 2-4 inches of wet snow to the Boston area, in addition to rain, freezing rain, and snow. Today, this system will move away towards Nova Scotia. This storm was a nor’easter, a type of extratropical cyclone over the North Atlantic. Nor’easters form in response to large temperature contrasts between warm air above the Gulf Stream and cold Arctic air. Nor’easters get their name for the winds in the upper-left quadrant of the storm, which blow from northeast to southwest as they push rain and snow onto the New England coast.

By the afternoon, this nor’easter will move beyond Nova Scotia (see the 972mbar low pressure system on the map), giving us a little sunshine. Temperatures may even break into the 40s. The combination of the low pressure system to our north and the afternoon warmth will result in large pressure gradients in the atmosphere, and thus strong winds. Winds may be as strong as 25 mph at certain times this afternoon.

Over the weekend, there is a chance for snow showers on Saturday as a fast-moving low pressure system passes by. After this, a cold mass of air will move in, keeping things dry but chilly for the holiday weekend.