To clarify an article about the format of 3.091 published in the Wednesday, January 29 issue of The Tech, 3.091 is returning to a lecture format for the Spring 2014 semester. No decisions have been made on whether to continue the online assessment format for Fall 2014 and beyond. A full report on the class will be submitted late February.

In the Year in Review, the article about leadership changes in 2013 incorrectly spells the interim Director of Libraries’ name. His name is Steven Gass, not Steven Glass. Also, John Charles became VP of IS&T Jan. 1, not Dec. 10. The related infographic also misspells Gass’ name and incorrectly states Charles’ effective leadership date. Bertschinger was announced as Institute Community and Equity Officer in June, not July. To clarify, for rows with two dates, the first refers to the predecessor’s month of resignation while the second refers to the month of the successor’s appointment.