Unofficial results for Cambridge municipal elections released

Unofficial results for Cambridge municipal elections released

In the aftermath of Election Day this past Tuesday, the Cambridge Election Commission has released the preliminary results for the city council school committee elections. According to these numbers, which do not include provisional and overseas ballots, four new city councillors and two new school committee members may be elected when the official numbers are reported on November 15.

As the race stands, these four new city councillors could be Dennis A. Benzan, Marc C. McGovern, Dennis J. Carlone, and Nadeem A. Mazen, which would unseat councillors Ken E. Reeves and Minka Y. vanBeuzekom. If these results hold, these four will join incumbent councillors Leland Cheung MBA ‘12 , David P. Maher, Tim J. Toomey, Denise E. Simmons, and Craig A. Kelley. In the first set of preliminary vote counts (not including the hand-counted auxiliary ballots), there were only 15 votes separating vanBeuzekom from Mazen in the 16th ballot count. After the auxiliary votes were counted on Wednesday and the preliminary results were updated, there was still no change in the top nine who are currently in position to secure council seats when the official results are released.

The school committee elections are not projected to be as close, with over 300 votes separating Mervan F. Osborne from the next highest candidate, Joyce C. Gerber, in the 7th count of the preliminary vote counts on Tuesday. Osborne is projected to be elected to the school committee alongside three other incumbents Fred B. Fantini, Patricia M. Nolan, and Richard Harding. Fran Albin Cronin and Kathleen M. Kelly are in place to take the two remaining seats on the committee.

—Stan Gill