MIT takes down WPI

Engineers win in final conference game

Nov. 2, 2013 was a beautiful day to play soccer as the players of MIT and WPI came onto the pitch to play the last regular season conference match. MIT had high stakes in the match. With a win, they would finish the first in the conference and host the playoffs. The match started off slowly as both teams tested each other and seemed evenly matched. As halftime drew near, Sean D. Bingham ’16 connected with a wonderful through ball and beat the keeper to pull MIT up 1-0. The first half didn’t see any more goals and MIT took the lead into halftime.

The story of the second half was much different. Although WPI did come close to scoring on certain occasions, MIT dominated from the first whistle of the second half until the end of the match. MIT’s Matthew A. Monheit ’14 scored a beautiful header ten minutes into the second half to pull MIT 2-0. MIT’s prolific goal scorer, Sean Bingham, was also not done for the day as he scored a neatly placed shot to make it 3-0. At this point, WPI’s guard had been completely let down and Alexander M. Dago ’15 hit the final blow only two minutes after Sean Bingham’s goal to declare the scoreline: 4-0. MIT did come close to scoring at least a couple more goals, but the fans were content with the four goals they saw.

With this decisive 4-0 victory, MIT clinched first place in the conference and the right to host the playoffs, starting next week. MIT is looking strong going into the playoffs, so it is only right that the fans go out and support the team. The WPI match did have a great turnout with several enthusiastic fans, such as Alex Romero and Carolina Fejgielman, who were doing the Beaver Call after the goal and were excited that MIT will be hosting the playoffs. They are looking forward to the upcoming matches. Whether it is doing the Beaver Call or just coming and shouting “Go Tech!” fans should definitely come and show off their MIT pride.