In an article from last Friday’s issue about the funding of the student humor magazine Voo Doo, an informal harassment complaint about recaptioned comics was mistakenly referred to as a “Title IX complaint,” and a subheading mistakenly said that the Undergraduate Assocation (UA) investigated whether the magazine had committed Title IX violations. The UA only discussed whether to continue funding the magazine. The article also incorrectly said that the Association of Student Activities (ASA) brought the complaint before the UA’s Finance Board (Finboard), when in fact Finboard, some of whose members are also part of the ASA, acted unilaterally.

The article also made several errors regarding the allocation process: Five (not four) council members objected to the current cycle’s preliminary allocation, and the quarterly (not trimesterly) allocations were delayed by about two weeks (not one). The condition that Voo Doo representatives meet with Finboard and the Student Activities Office was unrelated and applied two funding cycles ago (not during the current cycle). Mark DiVincenzo and Jaren D. Wilcoxson of the General Counsel (not R. Gregory Morgan), recommended against using this condition for future cycles. The May 2013 meeting between Finboard and Voo Doo, which was also unrelated to the harrassment complaint, took place before (not after) summer allocations were released. Cory Hernandez ’14 is the treasurer of the UA and a former (not current) Vice-Chair of Finboard.

The article also mistakenly referred to Voo Doo, magazine editor Alina Kononov, and the Finance Board as “Voodoo,” “Konokov,” and the “Financial Board,” respectively.