Undergraduate representatives for Institute Committees selected

Undergraduate representatives for Institute Committees selected

The Undergraduate Association (UA) Council and Chair of the Faculty Steven Hall approved Institute Committees’ undergraduate representatives Sept. 25. These students were chosen through a “competitive selection process by the UA’s Nominations Board,” according to UA Chief of Staff Shruti Sharma ’15. MIT Institute Committees — which are run by the faculty or administration and include undergraduate and graduate representatives — address a variety of issues at MIT.

Student representatives are usually voting members and are intended to “ensure that interests of the student body are understood and acted upon by the committee,” according to the UA’s Institute Committee application document. Among the new Institute Committees this year is the Presidential Advisory Cabinet.

Presidential Advisory Cabinet

Sidhanth P. Rao ’14

Thomas D. Alcorn ’14

Elise M. Myers ’14

Caitlin A. Mackey ’15

Corporation Joint Advisory Committee

Sidhanth P. Rao ’14

Anika Gupta ’14

Leonid Grinberg ’14


Faculty Policy Committee (FPC)

Patrick A. Hulin ’14

Committee on the Undergraduate Program (CUP)

Anubhav Sinha ’14

Anna Y. Ho ’14

Benjamin S. Frank ’14

Colin P. McDonnell ’16

Committee on Curricula (COC)

Ryan M. Lau ’15

Benjamin J. Kraft ’15

Bryan M. Williams ’16

Naina Mehta ’15

CUP Subcommittee on the HASS Req (SHR)

Cory D. Hernandez ’14

CUP Subcommittee on the Communication Req (SOCR)

Trevor J. Mulchay ’15

Keerti Shukla ’15

Committee on Discipline (COD)

Ishaan Kumar ’14

Maria R. Chan ’14

Babajide Akinronbi ’14

Committee on Academic Performance (CAP)

Susan H. Cavender ’15

Laura D. Royden ’14

Betsy Riley ’14

Committee on Student Life (CSL)

Jessica J. Yang ’15

Ranna W. Zhou ’14

Mahesh Thapa ’15

Committee 2013-2014Committee on the Library System (CLS)

Reuben Saunders ’16

Ogheneovie O. Orieka ’14

Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid (CUAFA)

Pritee S. Tembhekar ’14

Jeffrey M. Sperling ’15

Rachel C. Reed ’16

Presidential Committees

Women’s Advisory Board (WAB)

Shruti Sharma ’15

MacVicar Advisory Committee

Priyanka M. Chatterjee ’15

Ian W. Chesser ’16

Baker Foundation

Jonathan K. Tebes ’14

Betsy Riley ’14

Anisha N. Gururaj ’15

Emily K. Shorin ’16

Tushar V. Kamath ’16

Compton Advisory Committee

Sidhanth P. Rao ’14

Community Service Fund Board (CSFB)

Shruti Sharma ’15

Danielle V. Finney ’16

Institute Wide Taskforce on Education (IWTF)

Devin T. Cornish ’14

Anubhav Sinha ’14

Patrick A. Hulin ’14

Medical Consumer’s Advisory Council (MCAC)

Alice M. Zielinksi ’16

Sophie H. Chung ’14

Campus Energy Task Force

Karen D. Hao ’15

MITx Subcommittee

Ravi M. Charan ’14

Colin P. McDonnell ’16

CAC Advisory Board (CACAB)

Carrine M. Johnson ’14

Taleen M. Afeyan ’14

Committee on Race and Diversity (CRD)

Margo Dawes ’15

Cory D. Hernandez ’14

Housing Strategy Group

Lauren A. Jefferson’14

ROTC Oversight Committee

Kira M. Schott ’16

Subject Evaluation Advisory Committee

Billy Ndengeyingoma ’15

Commencement Committee

Sidhanth P. Rao ’14

Devin T. Cornish ’14

Anika Gupta ’14

Jean Xin ’14

Working Group on International Support

Sarah K. Mountjoy ’14

Student Health Advisory Committee

Elisabeth L. Rosen ’14

IS&T Vice President Search Committee

Leonid Grinberg ’14

Electronics Record Committee

Dawna Bagherian ’14

Committee on the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects (COUHES)

Jennifer Li ’14

Student Life Orientation Programs and Experiences Committee (SLOPE)

Nancy Z. Lu ’16

Katharine Xiao ’16

First Year Experience Committee (FYE)

Daniel S. Wang ’16

Amy Q. Zhang ’16

Council on Family and Work (CFW)

Georgina Dorminy ’14


DAPER Advisory Board (DAPERAB)

Nathan H. Varady ’16

Chester Chambers ’15

Recreation Advisory Committee

Alana H. Peters ’16

Cali J. Warner ’16


MIT Council on Educational Technology (MITCET)

Jeff Tzu-Hsien Chan ’14

Committee on Student Information Policy (SIP)

Hussein M. Abdallah ’16

IS&T Advisory Board (ISTAB)

Jacob B. Hurwitz ’14

OCW Faculty Advisory

Vineel A. Chakradhar ’16

MIT Online

Bianca S. Homberg ’15

UA Nominations Board

Shruti Sharma ’15 (Chair)

Devin T. Cornish ’14

Patrick A. Hulin ’14

Colin McDonnell ’16

Laura D. Royden ’14

Anubhav Sinha ’14

Sidhanth P. Rao ’14