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Shopping made easy

How to buy clothes while avoiding high prices and sketchy products


Welcome to the world of fashion. Sketch Your Look will cover the basics of menswear, such as fit, color, fabric, etc., in a detailed manner. I’m sorry to say I have little knowledge in clothes for women, so I won’t be writing articles specifically for women. However, I believe that women can get inspiration from menswear too.

This series is not meant to teach you how to wear specific clothing, but to encourage you to realize how much fun getting dressed can be. For the already stylish, this article might seem redundant, but I am sure that you will enjoy it. For beginners, dressing up may seem strange at first, but you will slowly realize how greatly you’ve improved fashion-wise. You will ultimately see the result from your peers or from yourself.

This upcoming series will be mostly based on my personal opinions and data that I have accumulated for several years. So, feel free to disagree with my opinions and try your own style.

Shopping 101

For guys, shopping is usually considered a nightmare. It seems boring, difficult, and tedious. Right now, I want to eliminate the “difficult” part of shopping. My method of buying clothes is quite straightforward. I always think of three things: function, style, and comfort. Any type of clothing, even accessories, should satisfy at least two of the three. Then you will rarely go wrong. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t buy things because of cost. But a limited budget shouldn’t be a barrier. There are thrift stores, second-hand shops, and most importantly, you have the internet. You can always find a good alternative through these ways.

Let’s take a look at my personal experience. About a year ago, my expensive watch broke when I fell from my skateboard and hit my wrist on asphalt. So, I went to a local mall to buy a new watch, but this time, I did not want to break the bank. After rummaging through multiple racks, I found a beautiful watch, but its price tag scared me away.

Dismayed, I went back home and searched without much hope of finding a sale. And, a miracle! I found an auction on Ebay in which somebody was selling his like-new watch that was one fifth of the original price. The deal seemed great, so I bought it right away, and I was really happy with the condition of it when I received it. As you can tell, there is always an alternative way to purchase items.

However, shopping through the internet or second-hand does not always guarantee a good deal. Many times, pre-owned items can be defective or fake. The worst situation might be that they are worn out too much that they can fall into pieces in a matter of days. I find these issues very common, so be very cautious when entering this method. But, even if you are being cautious, you are liable to sometimes get defective items through these ways. So, you must check beforehand if the sellers offer a refund system. If they don’t, then never buy it.

There are so many different methods for purchasing things, so you should find your own best way. If you are being cautious and active, then I am sure that you will find your own best-fitting items in next to no time.