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Wet, Hot Boston Summer

A broad high pressure system located off the East Coast has brought warm, moist conditions to much of the Eastern United States for the past few days. The southwesterly flow associated with this system has created a train of showers and thunderstorms stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to New England. Here at the Institute, this has resulted in a pattern of hot, partly cloudy days punctuated by the occasional passing shower or thunderstorm. Fortunately for those who like this kind of weather, the strong Atlantic high pressure system is expected to persist for the foreseeable future, meaning the pattern of heat and storms will continue at least through the beginning of next week.

Accordingly, those participating in Independence Day festivities tomorrow should expect hot, mostly sunny conditions during the day, with temperatures reaching the lower 90s and a moderate southwesterly wind precluding the development of a cool sea breeze. Evening temperatures should also be relatively warm, with temperatures falling through the 80s and upper 70s overnight. However, those participating in outdoor activities should be prepared for the possibility of showers and thunderstorms sneaking through, especially in the afternoon and evening.