Institute Double Take

For a fleeting moment Wednesday afternoon, two rainbows emerged over Boston, pulling the landscape out of the dreary pallor that has characterized the past week. All over campus, work stopped as people noticed the view, and social media exploded with hastily snapped photos. Most of these were from street level or near to it, with buildings obscuring the view, and taken on cameras with sensors incapable of capturing the full dynamic range and spectrum of colors. I wanted to preserve the full view of the moment, and was fortunately able to grab both a wide-angle lens and an excellent view. I left the aperture wide open for this shot, preserving the hazy, almost dreamlike, character of the landscape. It’s wonderful to be reminded how beautiful this campus, and this city, can be.


Exposure Time:
1/125 sec.

ISO 200

Effective Focal Length:
14 mm