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Warm and pleasant weekend ahead

A high pressure system moving northeast from the Midwest will reach New England on Saturday, providing clear skies and light winds. The high will remain over our area throughout the weekend and into next week. The slow movement of the high is due to a large Atlantic ridge (i.e. another high) which is temporarily blocking the normal movement of weather systems along the jet stream. The high will therefore stay close to us, keeping skies clear and winds light. These two features will ultimately allow high temperatures to average around 65°F (18°C) or above through at least Monday. By late weekend, the light winds should start bringing air from the southwest, giving a small rise in overall temperatures. Any chances of rain appear quite slim today, despite that some remnants of a dissipating low pressure area over Canada will reach us and bring some clouds. Any clouds today will disappear overnight, and clear skies will rule our region through early next week.