Over 3K attending SpringFest concert with Macklemore tonight

Over 3K attending SpringFest concert with Macklemore tonight

MIT is gearing up for its highest attended Spring concert in recent memory, according to UA Events Committee members Daniela M. Yuschenkoff ’14 and Lindsey C. Osimiri ’14.

Overall, 3,750 tickets were sold to the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert, with opening act Ra Ra Riot. Tickets were sold out the day general sale tickets opened on March 8, the UA Events Committee announced on Facebook.

There will be more police for the larger crowd, Yuschenkoff said, but everything else should run as usual.

“Johnson holds 4,000 people,” continued Yuschenkoff, “so we’re well able to handle the crowd.”

MIT students purchased 2,875 tickets, and 875 more went to non-MIT students, which includes other college students, MIT alumni, and MIT faculty and staff, according to SAO Program Coordinator Joel Pettigrew.

MIT and non-MIT tickets are marked as such, but due to the high rate of exchange between MIT and non-MIT parties, there is no longer any functional difference between the two.

“In an ideal world, MIT tickets would be used by MIT students,” said Yuschenkoff, “but tickets have changed hands so many times, and people were not aware of the rules, so we’re not going to turn someone away just because they have the wrong type of ticket.” Yuschenkoff added, “We just want to get everyone into Johnson as quickly as possible.”

As for the issue of students not being able to buy tickets due to them selling out rapidly, Yuschenkoff noted that there were still chances to win tickets on WMBR (the MIT student radio station) after Ra Ra Riot was announced, and even after ticket sales closed there was still the chance to be a volunteer.

—Bruno B.F. Faviero