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Warm and windy weather precedes overnight shower

The same frontal system that spawned several tornadoes in Texas and Oklahoma on Wednesday and brought significant flooding to Chicago yesterday will be approaching our area from the west today. As the cold front draws closer, cloud cover will increase, and a tightening pressure gradient will result in strong southerly winds. These winds will advect warm air from the south, possibly causing the temperature to top the 70 degree mark for only the second time in 2013.

The front will reach the Boston area overnight, causing a strong rain shower or weak thunderstorm in the late night or early morning hours. Afterwards, the wind will shift to be from the northwest, as cooler air fills in behind the front. Temperatures tomorrow will approach 60°F in the afternoon, but will quickly plummet into the 30s Saturday night as the colder air mass moves in. High pressure will take hold on Sunday and Monday, resulting in sunny skies and relatively calm winds with the exception of a possible seabreeze.