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Unsettled weather for the rest of the week

Yesterday’s weather was glorious, with temperatures at the weather station on the roof of the Green Building reaching 65.1°F. We also experienced a common Boston spring and summertime phenomenon for one of the first times this year — the sea breeze. Around 4 p.m., the winds shifted from northwest to east. With the winds now coming off the ocean (with sea surface temperatures still in the 40°Fs), the temperature at the Green Building plummeted by 10°F in a little more than an hour.

We will experience another common springtime weather feature the rest of the week: unsettled weather. A front is forecast to stall in our region through the rest of the week. As shortwaves move along this front, periods of rain are possible tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday. Temperatures will continue to be mild today and tomorrow. Looking ahead to Friday, heavy rain is likely associated with a low pressure system.