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Winter megastorm Nemo, today through Saturday

A threatening nor’easter will impact our region today. The storm may have historic consequences, possibly dropping over 2 feet of snow across much of southeast New England and producing white-out conditions late today into tonight. A low pressure center moving northeast along the coast will rapidly intensify as it combines with another low pressure moving east over Pennsylvania and New York. The system is rich with moisture and will drop heavy snowfall across our region into Saturday. Snowfall totals will be around 10-12 inches over Cape Cod, reaching 20-28” over the Greater Boston area. In the heaviest snow bands, we cannot rule out thundersnow either.

Winds will become a major concern through the day as well. Sustained winds will be 30-40 mph during the height of the storm, which should occur between midnight and 4 am tonight. Gusts may also reach 60 mph briefly and cause property damage. Best advice is to hunker down tonight and avoid all travel as roads will be treacherous.