Bexley, EC, Random, Baker to receive RLADs in Fall 2013

Bexley, EC, Random, Baker to receive RLADs in Fall 2013

The Residential Life Area Director (RLAD) program is expanding to include Bexley, Random, Baker, and East Campus, Christina Davis, Director of Residential Life Programs, confirmed. If RLADs for these dorms are found, that would leave Senior House as the only undergraduate dorm without an RLAD.

“Myself, Naomi Carton, and Henry Humphreys met with the housemasters, the students and the GRTs of the dorms without area directors to get a sense of those communities and what they’re looking for in terms of area directors,” Davis said. “We’re still ironing out the final map of what the [expansion of the program] will look like.”

Henry Humphreys, Senior Associate Dean for Student Life, noted that because the communities of Bexley and Random are so small, there will be one RLAD that serves both houses, with offices in both places, but living in Bexley. Humphreys noted that they have not yet worked out the exact configuration to place the new RLAD living spaces so as to disrupt the fewest number of students.

As for Senior House, Humphreys said that he, along with the Senior House Housemasters are still in the process of understanding each other’s goals in relation to bringing in an RLAD, so they do not plan on bringing in an RLAD to Senior House just yet.

“[Myself and Augustin Rayo] need to come to a better understanding of what Senior House’s needs are so we can work together to find the best solution,” Humphreys said. “Until we define the goals, we don’t want to put someone in the [RLAD] position.”

Humphreys said that the normal recruiting period for people looking for these types of positions in higher education begins in March. The Division of Student Life (DSL) plans to put out a national call for applicants around that time so they can bring people to campus for interviews sometime in late March or April. To accommodate students and the input they will provide on the process, Humphreys said he would like to finish the interviews before finals start, so the final hiring decisions can be made by the end of May, and the new RLADs can move to campus in June to start work over the summer.

—Stan Gill