Student forum planned for IAP

Student forum planned for IAP

The Tech and the Chancellor’s office will be cosponsoring a forum this IAP to discuss issues surrounding pressure and stress at MIT. Undergraduates and graduates are invited to attend.

After questions with the Chancellor, students will split into breakout sessions with facilitators, and have a dialogue about the challenges, stresses, and concerns of being an MIT student. Then they will regroup and discuss broader themes.

“I would love it to be the case that we come away from that forum with some initial ideas about things we could change. But perhaps most importantly with the beginning of a community dialogue around pace and pressure and what as a community we want to be the norm. The change will come.” said Grimson.

“I would like the forum to start what Lydia K. started with her blog, a dialogue about feeling incredible pace and pressure and coupled to that, feeling inadequate if you don’t perform at a level you think other people are expecting of you,” explained Grimson, “Getting B’s in a class ought be a perfectly fine thing. It says you’ve done well in a class, not ‘oh my god I’ve worked like crazy and I’m only getting an A, not an A+.’ This is a long winded way of saying that I’m hoping students will come to the forum, be willing to listen and be wiling to talk and engage.”