UA launches review of W20 and restaurant vendors

UA launches review of W20 and restaurant vendors

Do you have an idea of a restaurant you’d like to see in the student center? On November 5, 2012, the Undergraduate Association (UA) Special Projects committee and the UA working group on dining announced a review of the building with a focus on potential new vendors and changes to the second floor. A website, was launched to solicit student opinion on the subject, which will be aggregated and presented to the Division of Student Life (DSL). The site allows students to submit ideas and upvote or downvote existing ideas. As of publication, the most popular restaurant suggestion is Starbucks, with 320 points, followed by Panera Bread with 270 points. The website has received roughly 100 ideas from undergraduates, with several hundred comments and up/down votes.

According to Haldun Anil, UA Public Relations and Strategic Planning Committee Chair, the UA group plans to review and aggregate the suggestions submitted on Bonfire for further discussion on both the website and in-person student forums. The review will be finalized by the end of Spring 2013 and presented to the DSL.

Jonte Craighead, UA president, said “We’re in the early stages of trying to get as many ideas as possible. Many things can affect the direction this conversation could go, for example, in terms of new vendors, we’d have to consider factors like vendor requirements, space constraints, etc. We’re looking for potential changes to take effect in academic year 2014.”

—Deborah Chen

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Anonymous almost 8 years ago

Instead of a Starbucks, why not a student-run coffeehouse?