Hubway stations to close by Nov. 28

Hubway stations to close by Nov. 28

Yesterday, Hubway began a “phased seasonal shutdown” of its stations in preparation for the winter, according to a post on its website. It will be closing up to six stations per day.

Though the schedule has not been finalized, Hubway will provide a 48-hour notice on its website, Facebook, and Twitter before a station closes. All stations will be closed by Nov. 28 at 11:59 p.m., and the stations will reopen in March 2013.

After a station closes, bikes can be returned but can no longer rented out, allowing users to bike to a closed station from an open one.

Hubway is closing for the winter because it was originally conceived as a seasonal system, said Hubway General Manager Scott Mullen in an email to The Tech, and its progress would be monitored for possible year-round operation in the future. “The equipment can withstand winter conditions,” said Mullen, “and given the popularity of the program in its first 16 months, the participating municipalities are interested to reopen that discussion.” Hubway’s permits extend only until November, according to its Twitter feed, but they are hoping for an extension next year.

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—Bruno B. F. Faviero