Volunteers at the Institute


man the Freshman Advisory Council.

offer Freshman Advisory Seminars.

provide the content of UROP.

populate student activities.

participate in the Industrial Liaison Program.

contribute to the student Public Works Center.

govern student residences.

organize and enrich athletics.

offer IAP courses.

offer short, professional summer courses.

serve on corporation committees.

serve on departmental advisory committees.

interview prospective students for the Educational Council.

conduct and donate blood drives.

mentor entrepreneurial students.

provide content for the MIT Enterprise Forum.

serve as campus guides to visitors.

communicate with alumni/alumnae.

solicit gifts, grants, and bequests.

represent MIT at conclaves.

promote the arts at MIT.

travel on behalf of MIT.

help recruit minorities to MIT.

write for the Technology Review.

judge contents by others.

test designs in studios and labs.

serve as interns.

tutor fellow students.

offer on-line courses.

act as subjects in research projects.

compete for recognition and awards.

demonstrate for favorite causes.

are everywhere in mind and spirit.