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The calm before the storm…

Ever heard the above phrase? Well, our region’s weather is expected to shift dramatically over the next several days. The weekend will have tranquil conditions, similar to the weather from earlier this week. Mostly sunny skies, light winds, and normal temperatures will continue today and tomorrow. Some cloudy skies may linger this morning, but nearby high pressure and dry air should erode those clouds by afternoon. Highs will remain in the mid 60s°F (17-19°C).

The weather on Sunday and beyond will get quite interesting. Hurricane Sandy will continue moving north off the southeast U.S. coast this weekend, and according to weather models, it should weaken but then rapidly re-strengthen before hitting the northeastern U.S.

At the time of this writing, uncertainty remains with the storm’s exact track and impacts on New England. Nevertheless, conditions will deteriorate for our area beginning late Monday and into the middle of next week. High winds, heavy rain, and flooding are all possible anywhere along the northeastern U.S. coast by that time. Stay tuned to weather forecasts during the weekend for more information on the storm’s exact track.