Woman reports sexual assault at MIT

Woman reports sexual assault at MIT

A woman reported to police yesterday that she had been sexually assaulted on the MIT campus on Oct. 14. The call was reported to other police before reaching campus police, but the incident is currently under investigation by the MIT Police.

MIT offers a number of resources on sexual assault education. The Violence Prevention and Response team, along with a variety of student groups, runs a number of workshops and educational programs throughout the school year designed to teach assault prevention and awareness, and how to support a friend who has survived sexual assault. More information on these sessions and how to get involved can be found online at

Campus police recommends programming your cell phone with the MIT Police emergency number (617-253-1212), and encourages students to call it if they ever feel they are in an uncomfortable situation. Take note of blue lights on campus, and dial 100 from any campus telephone to reach the police. Most of all, stay aware of your surroundings!

—Jessica J. Pourian

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MIT Crime Club over 11 years ago


The woman reported that she was assaulted at a particular living group.

-- "Address [of incident]: Campus Living Group". Police Log, Oct. 15, 2012.

At Crime Club's request, MIT is going to be naming the group.

-- "Enter the general location ... using a description that will mean something to the campus community, such as 'North Campus Hall' rather than 'in a dormitory'." US Office of Postsecondary Education (2011).

But not the room number.

-- "Do not use a location that will lead to the identification of the victim, such as 'Room 407'."