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How was your Burning Man 2012 experience?

How was your Burning Man 2012 experience?

Burning Man 2012 taught me how to become mayor of the world.

— Yan Zhu ’12

Black Rock City is a great destination to alt-ctrl-del yourself and de-fragment.

— Amir Hirsch ’06, MEng. ’07

Friday is always a great day to be glittered.

— Chris Varenhorst ’09, MEng. ’11

deafening apocalyptic flaming party barges

still searing my eyes from a distance with laser arrays

we pushed on into the darkness, sighing the hard truths

— Bryan Haddon ’06

Burning Man was overwhelming in the amount of art, music, alternative culture, care, unconditional love, openness, and variations of types of people all coming together to celebrate each other and our collective awesomeness.

— Samantha R. Cohen ’11

I felt so proud and gratified to have contributed so much to the comfortable and beautiful hangout space that was the Kaleidoscope dome.

— Amelia M. Arbisser ’11

Burning Man is like the MIT of parties: it’s like drinking from a firehose that’s covered in LEDs that shoots flaming alkali dust while playing techno, except with way more nudity.

— Jim Griffin ’12