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Rainy Wednesday, Picture-Perfect Weekend

The recent pattern of sunshine and seasonably mild weather will be interrupted today by the passage of a cold front through the New England region. This frontal feature will bring with it clouds and light to moderate rainfall for much of the duration of the day today. However, after the rain tapers off this afternoon and evening, the warm weather will pick up right where it left off, as high pressure begins to build in the front’s wake.

As the high pressure system takes hold, the resulting weather pattern will feature sunny skies and relatively calm winds. On days with particularly calm winds, afternoon seabreezes are likely to develop, keeping temperatures relatively cool (around the high 60s °F). However, offshore flow created by westerly winds could lead to the occasional 80-degree day near the beginning of next week. In all, look for pleasant weather to continue over the weekend, potentially persisting all the way through to the summer solstice on June 20.