Represent students by joining an Institute Committee

With the new school year coming up, and transitions in the UA, now is the time for you to become involved in your student government. The Nominations Committee has recently sent out an application for positions on Institute Committees, and we encourage you to apply. These committees are maintained by, among others, the faculty and the president, and are responsible for myriad aspects of the Institute’s governance.

Your voices on these committees are respected and a critical component of student input for the faculty and administration. Students have no power when they say nothing; students in this capacity work with faculty and administrators on a number of issues.

For example, students serve on the Committee on Academic Progress (CAP), the Committee on Discipline, the Committee on Student Life (CSL), the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid (CUAFA), and the Medical Consumer’s Advisory Council. In their capacity as representatives, students have offered input on changes to the GIRs including the HASS requirement and the communications requirement, and also reviewed new degree programs, including the recent 6-7 joint degree and the new 10-ENG degree.

A full listing of the committees is available on the UA website (http://ua.mit.edu) and the application can be found there as well. The priority deadline is Sunday, May 13 at midnight, and the final deadline is Friday, May 18 at midnight. By applying, you can add your voice and your peers to the discussion, and empower undergraduates to improve MIT. We urge you to become more involved in your student government, your campus, and your education: apply today and help us be heard.

­The UA Nominations Committee

Ravi M. Charan ’14, chair-elect, Michael P. Walsh ’13, vice chair and UA vice president-elect, Patrick A. Hulin ‘14, Sneha T. Kannan ’13, Arun K. Saigal ’13, Naren P. Tallapragada ’13