Junior found dead in Next House

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Brian G. Anderson ’13

Brian G. Anderson ’13 was found dead in his third floor Next House dormitory room by MIT Campus Police slightly before noon today. He was 21.

Anderson was found dead when campus police were called to do a well-being check at Next House late this morning. The Cambridge Police Department and his family were notified. The Massachusetts State Police and the Middlesex District Attorney are conducting an investigation, according to the MIT News Office. The MIT Police reported that “there is no imminent danger to the MIT community.”

“Questions will naturally arise about the circumstances of this death,” said MIT Chancellor Eric Grimson PhD ’80 in a statement through the News Office. “In order to get complete answers, we must allow time for the authorities to conduct their investigation. I encourage everyone to refrain from speculation. At this early stage, there is no strong indication that Brian’s death was the result of suicide.”

Anderson is the third MIT student found dead in under six months. Nicolas E. Del Castillo ’14 was found dead in September, and Satto Tonegawa ’15 died in October. Both were deemed suicides.

Anderson came from Redwood Falls, MN, where he attended Redwood Valley Senior High School. He was a Course 15 (Management) major.

A member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, which was disbanded last year, Anderson was also an member of MIT’s wrestling team since his freshman year, when the team won the 2010 National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) Division II National Championship.

Members of the community who feel affected by this death are encouraged to contact Mental Health Services at 617-253-2916, or talk to their housemasters or GRTs.

MIT Dad about 12 years ago

What's up with all the deaths on campus? What is the school doing about this? What are the parents told and what is being done to curb this epidemic?

Concerned Mom about 12 years ago

Dear MIT Students:

You are amazing young people. Please talk to a friend, a classmate, a professor, if you are overwhelmed.

Anonymous about 12 years ago

Bring back Nightline. Not a lot, but every bit helps.

Anonymous about 12 years ago

For what it's worth, there is no Redwood Fall, MN, but rather Redwood Falls.

Dave Lawrence about 12 years ago

I am a current undergraduate. MIT alredy makes available considerable mental health services and (in my limited experience) provides a supportive residential environment. The deaths this year are regrettable, but I cannot justify holding MIT responsible for them.

Anonymous about 12 years ago

I think this proves that NightLine was pretty essential to the well-being of all MIT students, no matter their graduating years or majors. Bring it back--SAVE LIVES.

Anonymous about 12 years ago

Hi all,

Just a reminder that while this is indeed sad, we should avoid assuming it was a suicide until we have more information. Of course, regardless of the cause, it seems good to try to be there for each other during this rough year.

Anonymous about 12 years ago

Are you all saying this was another suicide?

UNLCE PAUL about 12 years ago

Brian, my nephew was an incredible person. Please hold your comments until the full report is in. MIT was his choice and he was theirs. He gave his all for academics and athletics. I will miss him dearly.........................................

Anonymous about 12 years ago

Not to pounce on this article, but we've lost 4 in the six months. I never knew Phyo, but i've heard from close friends that he was such a great guy. Let's not forget him.

Bill Renner, Ross Mariner about 12 years ago

dear lord,

although Brian has made some mistakes in his life,he was brilliant, kind, courteous, friendly, obedient, brave, cheerful and always a good friend. Forgive this man of his sins, bless his soul and accept him into heaven. En el nombre del Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espritu Santo.


My heart goes out to his family, friends and colleagues.

Concerned Mom and Dad about 12 years ago

Our deepest sympathy and condolences to Brian's parents, family and friends on the loss of this young man. We just met his devoted parents at a wrestling match two weeks ago. Students, do reach out to talk to a counselor, friend or professor if you need some support at this very sad time.

Anonymous about 12 years ago

When did they stop Nightline? Is their anything similar right now? I agree that it really helped. Having peers to talk to makes a real difference. I had a good friend who was a Nightline counselor and she had some pretty scary cases. I hope this turns out not to be what we think it is. Though, if it is an unknown medical condition, that's awful as well!

- an MIT parent and alum

Anonymous about 12 years ago

I agree with another post suggesting that students be reminded that parents are also a resource.

- parent of current MIT student