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Breezy day to precede potential snow on Thursday

The abnormally warm and dry weather that has characterized this winter season has continued this week, with temperatures upwards of 51°F recorded yesterday on the roof of the Green Building. However, after a breezy day today, a developing storm system to the west could bring wintry weather for the second part of the week. A low pressure system currently developing over the Central Plains will bring moisture and precipitation over New England tomorrow night, and temperatures could be cold enough to support snow through the day on Thursday.

However, the exact snowfall forecast remains considerably uncertain. The presence of warm coastal air could lead to a changeover to rain or sleet, especially during the day on Thursday. Furthermore, relatively warm surface temperatures could cause some snow to melt upon contact with the ground. However, any snow that does accumulate would put a small dent in this winter’s snowfall deficit: Only 7.8 inches of snow have fallen in Boston this winter to date, compared with the normal value of 33.6 inches, and last year’s total of 78.8 inches that fell by the end of February.