Campus Life


4696 overheard
Illustrations by Amanda Aparicio
4697 overheard 2
Illustrations by Amanda Aparicio
4698 overheard 3
Illustrations by Amanda Aparicio

LA talking to student in Course 6 class: *bursts out in laughter*
Student: What’s so funny?
LA: Oh, I was just thinking of a piece of code I saw earlier.

Two male students talking in the Infinite
Student 1: I hate it when people talk about science in the hallways. It’s like, get a room!

Sophomore girl answering question in class: Morgan Freeman. And by Morgan Freeman, I mean Nelson Mandela. Freshman boy having trouble deciding his major: I wish my mom was a tiger mom. Instead, she told me to pursue whatever I wanted. Supporting parents are the worst.

Sophomore girl eating at Maseeh: Lately when I eat eggs my stomach hurts. I think I’m lactose intolerant.

Frat boy: you know how most people have MIT goggles? Well, I have like … like … MIT BLINDERS!

Two girls talking about going out and getting laid
Girl 1: Sometimes I wish I could just order in.

Girl: I think God’s trying to punish me. I mean, I’ve never had a boyfriend in my entire life, and my standards are LOW.

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