A Feb. 24 article about Caroline Shinkle ’15’s campaign for Republican State Committeewoman incorrectly stated that only registered Republicans could vote in the March 6 elections. Those registered as “unenrolled,” i.e. those who have not declared a party affiliation may also vote. The article also stated that The Tech was unable to verify Shinkle’s attendance at Republican City and Town committee meetings. Shinkle did attend a Feb. 16 Republican State Committee Candidates forum.

The article also incorrectly stated that Shinkle covered the youth vote in the 2008 Republican National Convention for a “CVS” affiliate. Shinkle worked for a “CBS” affiliate.

A Feb. 21 caption of a diving photo incorrectly stated that Danil Tyulmankov ’14 was competing an inward dive pike. It was a reverse dive.